Ferris Adross

A tall, slender man with a cunning smile and cool eyes...


Species: Human
Alliances: Charioteers
Guild Rank: Lieutenant

Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Icy Blue
Age: 26

Notable Attributes:

Notable Skills:
- Observe
- Streetwise
- Drive Landcraft


Ferris once imagined a very different path for himself, one that brought him closer to the wisdom of the Pancreator, then something happened. His faith shaken, he went in search of something to fill the void. First he found alcohol, then he found Commander Hitown, a charioteer. After quite a few talks about Ferris’ future and the exciting prospects of the Guild, Darious Hitown sponsored Farris’ entrance into the Charioteers.

Ferris might have made a good priest, but he was a crack pilot. Quick on his feet and often too smart for his own good, he excelled at the Academy and graduated quickly. He had found a calling, something he could be proud of.

Most of his early work was done on Byzantium Secundus and Leagueheim, but recently he has been sent to Pentateuch to assist the Eskatonics in any of their mobility needs…

Ferris Adross

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