Stalina Ivanova Komolov

A short, well-muscled woman with an intense gaze...


Species: Human
Alliances: Muster
Guild Rank: Sergeant

Height: 5’2
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Steel Gray
Age: 21

Notable Attributes:
- Strength
- Dexterity
- Perception

Notable Skills:
- Inquiry
- Search
- Tracking
- Observe
- Sneak


Stalina Ivanova grew up poor in the jungles of Severus. With parents who were mostly absent or lost in a haze of alcohol and drugs, Talya roamed the wilds around her small village trapping animals for food and profit. Barely into puberty, she undertook a move to the largest city on the planet, Tsaritsyn, to find work and purpose. It was here she found the Muster. Unlike the more fortunate soldiers, Talya learned her craft on the streets as a thief and spy. She learned the quickest way to a good meal was the apprehension of guild enemies, or at the very least the collection of secrets on her superiors.

As soon as Stalina gained enough rank in the Muster, she was gone. Wanderlust and curiosity brought her to many new worlds, and tracking prey of the sentient variety brought her many Firebirds. Recently she has found herself in the city of Heliopolis, unable to leave the planet of Pentateuch because of a volcano of all things…

Stalina Ivanova Komolov

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