Saul Takashi Chan

An exceptionally beautiful man with short black hair and brilliantly violet eyes...


Species: Human
Alliances: Adamantine Order (Eskatonics)
Rank: SPC

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Age: 23

Notable Attributes:

Notable Skills:
- Observe
- Shoot
- Physick
- Remedy


Saul chan2

At the age of sixteen, a haggard, lean young man stumbled into a Li Halan recruitment office. Too pretty to be any good at war, the recruiter set the boy up with Medic training. Little did he know that Saul would be one of the best combat medics to ever come out of Special Forces and Stigmata. His quick wit and fast reflexes got him much respect, especially by those he dragged out of the front lines to patch up.

After two years in the midst of Stigmata’s horrors, Saul was done with war. All he saw was pain and death and was ready for something new. Most recently he pledged his time to the Adamantine Order on Pentateuch. As matter of fact, they recently told him they had a charge to introduce him to…

Saul Takashi Chan

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