Leigh Smallwood

A pretty Eskatonic sister fresh from the battlefields of Stigmata...


Species: Human
Alliances: Church/ Eskatonic
Church Rank: Provost

Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue-Green
Age: 24
- Leigh has several small scars on her body from her many battles, mostly on her arms, legs, and one on her abdomen.

Notable Attributes:

Notable Skills:
- Melee
- Shoot
- Fight
- Focus


112px icons church eskatonicsLeigh is a devout young woman who had found meaning in battling the Symbiots of Stigmata. For six years, she made a name for herself as a reliable soldier and theurgist under the auspices of Manifest Light. However, as those closest to her fell to the machine of war, Leigh’s faith grew unsteady and a darkness seem to fall on the once bright Eskatonic.

After months of penance and reflection, those who knew her best began to question whether a return to Stigmata was the best path for her. So now Leigh is free of the Manifest Light and the daily horrors of the Symbiot conflict, only to find herself adrift in limitless possibilities…

Leigh Smallwood

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