Fading Suns: The Dark Between the Stars

Run from the Jungle

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Broken Obelisks

Notes and Reflections:

We had successfully recovered a set of twenty survivors in need of care from the ruins of the obelisk. The survivors were mainly Scravers with one touched Charioteer among them. Saul Takashi Chan went about performing aide to them as best he could. His efforts were quite sufficient as most of them recovered quickly.

Meanwhile, Ferris Adross was sent back to Heliopolis to deliver this humble servant’s report to Father Jordan. Along the way he ran into some navigational challenges which slowed his journey. Upon arriving in Heliopolis he placed the important, time sensitive report into the hands of clerks. He then went to his guildhall where he refueled and recuperated before returning.

During the absence of Ferris, Sir Saul and this humble servant began doing further investigations. We had a long conversation with Boss Tomlin of the Scravers. Boss Tomlin seemed to indicate that the source of the Antinomy was from the Charioteers assigned to the project. He also indicated that this project was well funded by the Eskatonic Order. This seems strange as our order is not well-funded on any account.

This servant became distracted by the various artifacts recovered from the dig. Included was a very important map of Pentateuch. More attention should have been paid to the surviving Charioteer, perhaps some questioning would have been in order. Alas, this servant is not a trained Inquisitor or Sanhedrin.

The surviving Scravers set about repairing their delivery truck while this humble servant worked with the artifacts.

That night a massive earthquake struck which caused fissures to appear in the ground and many trees to fall over. Several of the survivors fell into the fissures or were hit by debris. Ferris arrived during this. After the quake had subsided, we all worked to recover survivors. This is when we noticed that the surviving Charioteer was missing. Also the Obelisk had crumbled into pieces.

This one has a theory that the obelisk had served its purpose in beginning a process of planetary re-alignment and thus, was no longer necessary. The earthquake in question had caused a volcano to appear near Heliopolis. The re-alignment had commenced.

The following morning we gathered the survivors and left the site to return to Heliopolis. Upon return, this one sequestered the survivors using acolytes. A report was made personally to Father Jordan. The father informed us that many dire events were taking place across the Known Worlds that seemed to have Antinomistic leanings. He also informed this humble servant that she was to be used as a vessel of investigation and thus sent to other sites on Pentateuch. The services of Sir Saul and Lt. Adross were also to be utilized.

We were to wait further orders and prepare for the next mission.

By the wisdom of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: Find a tracker, woodsman, yeoman, hunter, or wilderness guide. The skills of such would prove invaluable.
Note 2: Sister Adriana’s scholarly training might prove of use when it comes to analysis of further artifacts. Consider recruiting her for the mission.
Note 3: This one’s theurgic training is lacking for this mission. Certain key rituals should be obtained: Divine Revelation, Rending the Veil of Unreason, and The Laying on of Hands are all important to have. A ritual which more easily uncover Antinomy and its taint would also be useful.
Note 4: If Sister Adriana is recruited then the procurement of certain prophylactics might be wise.


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