Fading Suns: The Dark Between the Stars

Obelisk in the Jungle

This is what happens when one digs too deep...

Notes and Recollections:

Meditation help to center the mind and calm the spirit. This should be down thrice daily for adequate focus. This what this humble Pancreator’s servant was doing when she was introduced to Saul Takashi Chan. Sir Saul arrived at the door of my cell with little idea of why he was there or what be entailed in his new duties. So, we left the monastery and traveled into the depths of Heliopolis for a simple repast and conversation.

During this time a message of summons was delivered to me by Ferris Adross. This one was being summoned back to the monastery for an important mission. Saul did not do a very good job in protecting me from the message which could have been poisoned or could have contained a micro explosive or could have contained a deadly plague or even Symbiot spores…

The mission was to take us into the jungles to an archeological site. Ferris was to be our driver and had acquired a vehicle for the journey. He did a fine job of delivering Sir Saul and this one to the site. There is would seem that the Scravers had uncovered an alien obelisk covered in unusual sigils. These sigils are still under investigation and this humble servant is forwarding her concerns to the Sanhedrin Commission for further study.

No immediate members of the Scraver expedition were found though some of their devices were active. A passage into the depths beneath the obelisk was found though it was cloaked in shadows of an unnatural origin. The three of us proceeded into those shadowy depths. As we investigated some of the chambers beneath we found survivors though unconscious. When attempts to awaken them were made there was much in the way of fear and lamentation which came from the survivors. Sir Saul is a trained physick, so it would seem. He was given charge of the patients while this one investigated.

A chamber was uncovered where there was blood and viscera feeding the obelisk. There was also a creature that I have identified as a demon. The demon was engaged using the Pancreator’s fire, sword, shield, and firearms. The firearms seemed to have little effect. This one defended the others with meager skills. The demon was defeated leaving only the host body in remains. The obelisk was fully energized now and this one sought to remove it’s fuel source so burned away the remains and blood.

The survivors were recovered and removed from the site. This one does not know of their conditions. Sir Saul seems capable of dealing with the health and well-being of others. Ferris was also quite helpful in this mission.

The site has been mined and prepared for demolition if needed. This one has handed all evidence over to her superiors for their better and wiser judgment.

In the wisdom of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: The site in question sites near the convergence of planetary ley lines.
Note 2: Before next demonic encounter, companions should be trained in mental defense techniques.
Note 3: Sir Saul is evidently a member of the Adamantine Order.
Note 4: Purification of the spirit may be required. Fasting, purification baths, meditation, and prayer are all required.
Note 5: Perhaps a bonus should be arranged for Ferris to ensure his confidentiality and discretion.


Well done! and bonus points for making me laugh after a rather frustrating day.

Obelisk in the Jungle
trillhalla gameweaver

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