Fading Suns: The Dark Between the Stars

Husk on a Stick Anyone??

We find the missing Charioteer...

Notes and Reflections:

Father Jordan came through with the requested supplies and materials. The weapons and equipment has already come in useful. Also the flitter we were assigned to use was quite helpful.

The time spent in reflection and rest was most useful. It allowed this humble servant to study an investigatory ritual.

The wise Father Jordan summoned this one and Sir Saul to a conference. While at the conference there was a new person in the room who seemed to make Sister Adrianna rather uncomfortable. This new person is a Muster Sergeant and bounty hunter by the name of Stalina Ivanova Komolov.

The good sergeant appeared to be rough around edges and somewhat unhappy about having to lend her assistance to this operation. Father Jordan left us to speak amongst ourselves. Sgt. Komolov requested some food so Sir Saul, Sister Adrianna, Sgt. Komolov, and this one went to noodle shop. There Sister Adrianna was most uncomfortable with the presence of Sgt. Komolov. This humble servant suspects that there is some jealousy in the works as Sgt. Komolov was paying Sir Saul much attention.

The good sister should explore her feelings for the handsome knight. He does seem kind and gentle. They will both learn much from a relationship.

Ferris Adross arrived with our new flitter. It is marvelous. It is well-apportioned on the inside and quite comfortable. It was decided that we would return to the first site to look for the missing Charioteer. Lt. Adross deftly flew us there in short order.

When our band arrived we discovered Brother Jakob of the Sanhedrin. He was investigating the site. We spoke briefly and he informed me that he could not remember his surname. Alas, he carries so many secrets that he has forgotten it.

Our band left on our woodland excursion with Sgt. Komolov in the lead and Lt. Adross bringing up the read. The sergeant proved her worth and followed a trail that was several days old. The Pancreator gifted her with keen insight. We discovered that another had joined the missing Charioteer. This one is said to be a larger man.

Alas, we found the missing Charioteer. He was dead, staked to the ground, with many Antinomistic sigils carved into his flesh. Sir Saul began to examine him as the rest of our band readied itself for a foul trap.

The corpse animated and grabbed hold of Sir Saul. He struggled with it as the rest of our band shot the creature. Finally it was put down by a well placed shot. The body was then attached to a large stick and carried back for Brother Jakob to examine.

When we returned to Brother Jakob we all began to examine the body more thoroughly. Brother Jakob deciphered the fell sigils. Sir Saul examined it using his physick’s training. This humble servant prayed to the Pancreator for answers.

This simple servant was blessed with the insight that the corpse was left for those of us on a holy quest to find and do us harm. This one was also given this wisdom:

The lords of the Seventh Qlippoth may impart to mortals a strength of spirit beyond their normal capacities. The Sultan of this realm is Layalath, the Bottomless Womb of the Void who gives birth to monsters and mounts passion upon passion to quicken the blood.

Brother Jakob found this significant. He dispatched us back to Heliopolis to report back to Father Jordan. Lt. Adross was only too happy to leave the corpse and the obelisk site behind. He made excellent time piloting our new craft back to the city.

The band made its reports to Brother Jordan and has been dispatched to the other obelisk sites. This one is concerned that through our investigations we might cause further realignment and harm to Pentateuch. We must go with caution and care. Furthermore, it is this one’s opinion that the services of Sgt. Komolov should be retained for the duration. Her skills will be most useful.

In the wisdom of Sacred Sophia and the Light of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: Father Jordan is not used to dealing with soldiers. He should do better at giving specific orders.
Note 2: Sir Saul’s appearance has become a fascination for other women. This is an excellent opportunity to study more on human emotional interactions.
Note 3: Subject self to rituals of purification as reflections border on arrogance.
Note 4: Find ways to show our Guild companions how invaluable they are. A feast perhaps, an open bar tab for Lt. Adross, a night alone with Sir Saul for Sgt. Komolov…


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