Fading Suns: The Dark Between the Stars

Into the Great White North
Into the Thule region aka The Ice Box...

Notes and Reflections:

As we are lacking in any concrete orders from Father Jordan, my companions and the humble servant were at a loss as to which obelisk site to travel to. It was decided that we should travel from Heliopolis to the arctic area known as Thule.

In our journey northward the craft was attacked by some vicious sea creature that had a long body and tentacles that came from its head where there was a beak-like mouth. This attack caused a disruption in the engines of the craft and we sat down in the water. Sir Saul and Sgt. Komolov Took up defensive firing positions on the top of the craft. This one readied herself at a window to provide support. Lt. Adross began repairs. While the Lt. worked to repair the craft, the remaining three provided defensive fire using rifles to ward off the creature. It wrapped itself around the craft and struck at Sir Saul. Using the power of the Pancreator, this one smote the creature with fire and drove it off. Soon the repairs were complete and we were on our way north again.

Upon landing the craft near the northern obelisk site, team made preparations to explore the area. The obelisk site was set in a bowl-like depression in the ground. Using ropes we climbed down to examine it. Lt. Adross had some difficulty with the climb and fell down the hill through the snow. He was unharmed and seemed to enjoy himself. We then set to examine the area.

This humble servant copied sigils and patterns. Sir Saul stood guard and also helped to look for an entrance. The Entrance was discovered by Sgt. Komolov. Her utility in this mission continues to be proven. The entrance was sealed with a block of ice. The ice was melted and broken apart.

The team descended into the spaces under the obelisk. We noted the intrusion of ice into the spaces. It was feared the area would be unstable so care was taken. The layout of the spaces is exactly as the other site. The sigils are almost identical except for those differences noted in my report. Here is what was discovered and samples taken from this site:

In one of the storerooms we found documents that had been exposed to water and refrozen. It was also noted that there is a strange mold with exothermic properties growing on the ice. Lt. Adross and Sgt. Komolov collected samples of these documents in a plastic bin. They also discovered humanoid remains under the documents covered in this mold. Some of the remains were also collected for analysis.

In a different room we discovered a space that had been used as lab. Sir Saul examined it and collected some of the precious scientific instruments there. Among the materials found was a centrifuge covered in mold with a blood sample inside. It is theorized that the mold feeds off of such things. A later burn test revealed that the mold reacted negatively when exposed to flaming Ka oil. The remaining blood was collected for analysis.

In the ritual room, we discovered a five-sided trough in the floor made from a strange metal and filled with perfectly clear ice. This one determined that a sample of the metal needed to be taken so we removed the ice. With Lt. Adross’ assistance a sample was recovered for alchemical analysis.

It should be noted that some of the sigils remind this humble servant of the writing of Doremus. Someone of greater expertise and learning should be doing the analysis of these sites. Perhaps even a trained archeologist might be in order.

Given the sensitive and perishable nature of our samples it was decided that we should return to Heliopolis. On the return trip Lt. Adross once again had trouble with the craft and we crash-landed it about 10 miles from the city. This one is beginning to feel that we should all have parachutes given the delicate nature of this craft.

In closing, this humble servant is confident that the more evidence we collect the more we will understand this situation. Additional equipment and personnel should be considered to speed up this investigation.

In the Wisdom of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: A trained archeologist might prove highly useful.
Note 2: Request numerous sample containers.
Note 3: A mounted weapon for the craft would be helpful to fend off threats.
Note 4: If not considered heretical, perhaps a sigil dictionary might prove useful to speed analysis of these sites.

Husk on a Stick Anyone??
We find the missing Charioteer...

Notes and Reflections:

Father Jordan came through with the requested supplies and materials. The weapons and equipment has already come in useful. Also the flitter we were assigned to use was quite helpful.

The time spent in reflection and rest was most useful. It allowed this humble servant to study an investigatory ritual.

The wise Father Jordan summoned this one and Sir Saul to a conference. While at the conference there was a new person in the room who seemed to make Sister Adrianna rather uncomfortable. This new person is a Muster Sergeant and bounty hunter by the name of Stalina Ivanova Komolov.

The good sergeant appeared to be rough around edges and somewhat unhappy about having to lend her assistance to this operation. Father Jordan left us to speak amongst ourselves. Sgt. Komolov requested some food so Sir Saul, Sister Adrianna, Sgt. Komolov, and this one went to noodle shop. There Sister Adrianna was most uncomfortable with the presence of Sgt. Komolov. This humble servant suspects that there is some jealousy in the works as Sgt. Komolov was paying Sir Saul much attention.

The good sister should explore her feelings for the handsome knight. He does seem kind and gentle. They will both learn much from a relationship.

Ferris Adross arrived with our new flitter. It is marvelous. It is well-apportioned on the inside and quite comfortable. It was decided that we would return to the first site to look for the missing Charioteer. Lt. Adross deftly flew us there in short order.

When our band arrived we discovered Brother Jakob of the Sanhedrin. He was investigating the site. We spoke briefly and he informed me that he could not remember his surname. Alas, he carries so many secrets that he has forgotten it.

Our band left on our woodland excursion with Sgt. Komolov in the lead and Lt. Adross bringing up the read. The sergeant proved her worth and followed a trail that was several days old. The Pancreator gifted her with keen insight. We discovered that another had joined the missing Charioteer. This one is said to be a larger man.

Alas, we found the missing Charioteer. He was dead, staked to the ground, with many Antinomistic sigils carved into his flesh. Sir Saul began to examine him as the rest of our band readied itself for a foul trap.

The corpse animated and grabbed hold of Sir Saul. He struggled with it as the rest of our band shot the creature. Finally it was put down by a well placed shot. The body was then attached to a large stick and carried back for Brother Jakob to examine.

When we returned to Brother Jakob we all began to examine the body more thoroughly. Brother Jakob deciphered the fell sigils. Sir Saul examined it using his physick’s training. This humble servant prayed to the Pancreator for answers.

This simple servant was blessed with the insight that the corpse was left for those of us on a holy quest to find and do us harm. This one was also given this wisdom:

The lords of the Seventh Qlippoth may impart to mortals a strength of spirit beyond their normal capacities. The Sultan of this realm is Layalath, the Bottomless Womb of the Void who gives birth to monsters and mounts passion upon passion to quicken the blood.

Brother Jakob found this significant. He dispatched us back to Heliopolis to report back to Father Jordan. Lt. Adross was only too happy to leave the corpse and the obelisk site behind. He made excellent time piloting our new craft back to the city.

The band made its reports to Brother Jordan and has been dispatched to the other obelisk sites. This one is concerned that through our investigations we might cause further realignment and harm to Pentateuch. We must go with caution and care. Furthermore, it is this one’s opinion that the services of Sgt. Komolov should be retained for the duration. Her skills will be most useful.

In the wisdom of Sacred Sophia and the Light of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: Father Jordan is not used to dealing with soldiers. He should do better at giving specific orders.
Note 2: Sir Saul’s appearance has become a fascination for other women. This is an excellent opportunity to study more on human emotional interactions.
Note 3: Subject self to rituals of purification as reflections border on arrogance.
Note 4: Find ways to show our Guild companions how invaluable they are. A feast perhaps, an open bar tab for Lt. Adross, a night alone with Sir Saul for Sgt. Komolov…

Run from the Jungle
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Broken Obelisks

Notes and Reflections:

We had successfully recovered a set of twenty survivors in need of care from the ruins of the obelisk. The survivors were mainly Scravers with one touched Charioteer among them. Saul Takashi Chan went about performing aide to them as best he could. His efforts were quite sufficient as most of them recovered quickly.

Meanwhile, Ferris Adross was sent back to Heliopolis to deliver this humble servant’s report to Father Jordan. Along the way he ran into some navigational challenges which slowed his journey. Upon arriving in Heliopolis he placed the important, time sensitive report into the hands of clerks. He then went to his guildhall where he refueled and recuperated before returning.

During the absence of Ferris, Sir Saul and this humble servant began doing further investigations. We had a long conversation with Boss Tomlin of the Scravers. Boss Tomlin seemed to indicate that the source of the Antinomy was from the Charioteers assigned to the project. He also indicated that this project was well funded by the Eskatonic Order. This seems strange as our order is not well-funded on any account.

This servant became distracted by the various artifacts recovered from the dig. Included was a very important map of Pentateuch. More attention should have been paid to the surviving Charioteer, perhaps some questioning would have been in order. Alas, this servant is not a trained Inquisitor or Sanhedrin.

The surviving Scravers set about repairing their delivery truck while this humble servant worked with the artifacts.

That night a massive earthquake struck which caused fissures to appear in the ground and many trees to fall over. Several of the survivors fell into the fissures or were hit by debris. Ferris arrived during this. After the quake had subsided, we all worked to recover survivors. This is when we noticed that the surviving Charioteer was missing. Also the Obelisk had crumbled into pieces.

This one has a theory that the obelisk had served its purpose in beginning a process of planetary re-alignment and thus, was no longer necessary. The earthquake in question had caused a volcano to appear near Heliopolis. The re-alignment had commenced.

The following morning we gathered the survivors and left the site to return to Heliopolis. Upon return, this one sequestered the survivors using acolytes. A report was made personally to Father Jordan. The father informed us that many dire events were taking place across the Known Worlds that seemed to have Antinomistic leanings. He also informed this humble servant that she was to be used as a vessel of investigation and thus sent to other sites on Pentateuch. The services of Sir Saul and Lt. Adross were also to be utilized.

We were to wait further orders and prepare for the next mission.

By the wisdom of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: Find a tracker, woodsman, yeoman, hunter, or wilderness guide. The skills of such would prove invaluable.
Note 2: Sister Adriana’s scholarly training might prove of use when it comes to analysis of further artifacts. Consider recruiting her for the mission.
Note 3: This one’s theurgic training is lacking for this mission. Certain key rituals should be obtained: Divine Revelation, Rending the Veil of Unreason, and The Laying on of Hands are all important to have. A ritual which more easily uncover Antinomy and its taint would also be useful.
Note 4: If Sister Adriana is recruited then the procurement of certain prophylactics might be wise.

Obelisk in the Jungle
This is what happens when one digs too deep...

Notes and Recollections:

Meditation help to center the mind and calm the spirit. This should be down thrice daily for adequate focus. This what this humble Pancreator’s servant was doing when she was introduced to Saul Takashi Chan. Sir Saul arrived at the door of my cell with little idea of why he was there or what be entailed in his new duties. So, we left the monastery and traveled into the depths of Heliopolis for a simple repast and conversation.

During this time a message of summons was delivered to me by Ferris Adross. This one was being summoned back to the monastery for an important mission. Saul did not do a very good job in protecting me from the message which could have been poisoned or could have contained a micro explosive or could have contained a deadly plague or even Symbiot spores…

The mission was to take us into the jungles to an archeological site. Ferris was to be our driver and had acquired a vehicle for the journey. He did a fine job of delivering Sir Saul and this one to the site. There is would seem that the Scravers had uncovered an alien obelisk covered in unusual sigils. These sigils are still under investigation and this humble servant is forwarding her concerns to the Sanhedrin Commission for further study.

No immediate members of the Scraver expedition were found though some of their devices were active. A passage into the depths beneath the obelisk was found though it was cloaked in shadows of an unnatural origin. The three of us proceeded into those shadowy depths. As we investigated some of the chambers beneath we found survivors though unconscious. When attempts to awaken them were made there was much in the way of fear and lamentation which came from the survivors. Sir Saul is a trained physick, so it would seem. He was given charge of the patients while this one investigated.

A chamber was uncovered where there was blood and viscera feeding the obelisk. There was also a creature that I have identified as a demon. The demon was engaged using the Pancreator’s fire, sword, shield, and firearms. The firearms seemed to have little effect. This one defended the others with meager skills. The demon was defeated leaving only the host body in remains. The obelisk was fully energized now and this one sought to remove it’s fuel source so burned away the remains and blood.

The survivors were recovered and removed from the site. This one does not know of their conditions. Sir Saul seems capable of dealing with the health and well-being of others. Ferris was also quite helpful in this mission.

The site has been mined and prepared for demolition if needed. This one has handed all evidence over to her superiors for their better and wiser judgment.

In the wisdom of the Pancreator;
Sister Leigh Smallwood, Provost

Note 1: The site in question sites near the convergence of planetary ley lines.
Note 2: Before next demonic encounter, companions should be trained in mental defense techniques.
Note 3: Sir Saul is evidently a member of the Adamantine Order.
Note 4: Purification of the spirit may be required. Fasting, purification baths, meditation, and prayer are all required.
Note 5: Perhaps a bonus should be arranged for Ferris to ensure his confidentiality and discretion.

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